Why goalkeepers shouldn’t be too quick to celebrate, Part III

Last year we saw not one, click but two examples of a goalkeeper celebrating what he thought was a failed penalty kick during a shootout, remedy only to have the ball trickle into the goal behind his back. And since some goalkeepers apparently don’t watch YouTube blooper clips as much as they should, it’s happened yet again.

This time, it happened in the Italian seventh division playoff between Dro and Termeno during a shootout to decide which club would win promotion to the sixth level of Italian football (the Eccellenza). Termeno’s Michael Palma was the penalty taker at the start of the clip, going against Dro keeper Loris Angeli. Palma blasted his attempt off the crossbar, sending the ball high and out of the frame as Angeli — with his arms flailing in joy — ran to celebrate with his teammates what both players assumed to be a miss. While the ball bounced back onto the pitch, a depressed Palma trudges away. Meanwhile, the officials kept watch as the ball took several big bounces right into the net.

After a bit of discussion, it was ruled to be a goal and Palma gave Angeli a cocky nod like he knew it all along. From there, the shootout and Dro’s misfortune would both continue, with Termeno coming out on top and winning promotion.

UPDATE: According to Corriere dello Sport, Dro filed an appeal over this goal and won on the basis that, during a shootout, a ball that hits the bar and lands back onto the pitch is to be ruled dead (which a few referees have written to say is an incorrect interpretation of FIFA rules). So the match will be replayed and Angeli will probably be much more attentive if it goes to penalties again.

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Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/soccer/blog/dirty-tackle/post/Why-goalkeepers-shouldn-8217-t-be-too-quick-to-?urn=sow-wp2377

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