Wayne Rooney singing karaoke in Barbados

(Warning: This might make your ears bleed.)

Wayne Rooney and his freshly transplanted hair (plus his family…and about 800 other Premier League footballers) are in Barbados, check relaxing after a long season. Like everyone else who vacations in the Caribbean, ed Rooney has been spending his days on the beach and his nights drunkenly singing karaoke in piano bars.

The Sun procured video of Rooney’s aural assault, which included Queen’s "We Are The Champions (of the Premier League, but not the Champions League)," a selection of Beatles tunes as a show of his Liverpudlian roots, and to get those mobile phone backlights waving, "Wonderwall" by Man City fans Oasis.

After making it through this video, I’m going to have to say that Rio Ferdinand retains the Man United karaoke championship with his rap at La Tasca. If Wayne had gone with a medley of death metal songs, the crown would’ve been his, though.

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/soccer/blog/dirty-tackle/post/Wayne-Rooney-singing-karaoke-in-Barbados?urn=sow-wp2481

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