Emmanuel Adebayor makes it rain on a dancer

Emmanuel Adebayor was in attendance at the Ghana Meets Naija concert in Accra over the weekend. And in case his hipster glasses, viagra usa tie, viagra canada and white short sleeves and shorts ensemble wasn’t attention grabbing enough, he decided to be sure he was the center of attention by sharing his wad of Man City cash with a traditional Nigerian money spray.

While a couple of dancers did their thing on stage, Adebayor hopped up there and showered them with bills. He then scurried back to his seat as people swarmed to collect the money.

Life as a professional footballer: Emmanuel enjoys it.

Credit to @garyalsmith for the spot.

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/soccer/blog/dirty-tackle/post/Emmanuel-Adebayor-makes-it-rain-on-a-dancer?urn=sow-wp3046

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