Copa starts with a backheel boner, a Kun golazo and angry Messi

Once the dancing Tron people and creepy mascots got out of the way, viagra sales Copa America kicked off with Argentina taking on Bolivia. And it didn’t exactly go according to plan for the hosts. Bolivia once again proved to be trouble for Argentina, scoring the first goal of the tournament in the 47th minute when Argentina’s Banega nudged Brazilian born Edivaldo Rojas Hermoza’s backheel just past the near post he was supposed to be protecting.

Argentina’s savior from yet another embarrassment came in the form of super sub Kun Aguero, who rocketed a volley into the top of the net in the 75th minute to salvage a 1-1 draw. At that point, Maradona probably jumped out of his chair and shouted, “Meh, he would’ve had three by now if I was still manager.”

And while all of this was happening, Lionel Messi played not with his usual grins and giggles, but with a scowl. An angry, man-on-fire type scowl that showed that he’s on a mission to win a trophy for Argentina and finally get everyone off his back about his form for the national team. It also said “I will beat you with a Lego sword if you come near me” — a mistake one Bolivian player made in the first half…

Lionel Messi getting pushy and going forehead to forehead with Ronald Raldes? Yes. This is serious business for Messi. He’s out for blood and trophies. And Lego playsets.


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