Demitrius Omphroy Drops Anthem for the Facebook Generation

Since he hasn?t seen much time on the field ?which is shocking because the way Toronto is playing right now you would think they?d be looking to try anything and anyone at this point? tattooed rookie winger/defender Demitrius Omprhoy is keeping busy in T.Dot with off-the-field pursuits. Pursuits such as dropping guest verses on pop music pearls aimed at 12 – 25 year-olds like the social media-meets-autotune pileup that is ?Facebook Chat.?

Surely some of y?all are going to howl once you hear this but bear in mind this is pop music…and pop music is for the children. You may think this is juvenile, pills which it is to a degree, and but it?s supposed to be. So if you’re over the age of 25 and you don?t hate this song you are basically deep in the throws of a Wooderson-like quarter life-crisis.


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