Links! And another Taiwanese animation about Ryan Giggs!

All the stuff being covered outside the unfriendly confines of the award-winning Dirty Tackle…

The animation almost makes it all feel slightly less sleazy. Almost. [Next Media Animation]

Puma letting Spurs fans "guess the new kit." [The Beautiful Gear]

Journalists attack Azerbaijan manager with toilet paper. [Kickette]

The power of fandom and the helplessness of supporting Atletico Madrid. [RoP]

An awesome new footy blog from some familiar faces. [KCKRS]

The future of our friend Raul. [AFR]

U.S. soccer head bravely admits to cowardice. [WSC]

Ollie Holt is desperate to tell you about when he argued wit Rio Ferdinand. [The Mirror]

Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant submits transfer request. [News Thump]

Harry Redknapp’s transfer strategy. [Surreal Football]


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